Amy's Story

This is a personal story referring to someone very near and dear to me, my daughter Amy Gail.

In early 1995, Amy began having severe headaches which doctors repeatedly misdiagnosed as a recurrent sinus infection. After many failed antibiotics and medications, a specialist and emergency room doctor finally ascertained her true misfortune. Amy was diagnosed with a giant Basilar Artery Aneurysm the size of a large golf ball in the center of her brain. Generally speaking, these types of blood vessel maladies are rare and frequently fatal.

After much debate and medical review, physicians had concluded that Amy’s prognosis was grave. They were pressed to operate, although they proposed that her chances of survival were 20% and at that, if she survived, she would be vegetative and comatose at best. This was due to the fact that this particular artery at the base of the brain was nearly inoperable due to its size and location. The rapid brain cell damage due to “shunting” this arterial blood supply to the outer vessels could cause stroke or cerebral failure because of the inherent vast oxidation.

The surgeons gave her little hope. At this, I immediately began a series of interviews with laboratory research biochemists and spent hours reviewing any literature available on the subject. The result was pointed—do whatever could be done to hyper profuse the brain with tissue specific antioxidants and cell membrane protectants.

The tocotriene complex derived from rice bran (6,000 times more powerful than Vitamin E), along with its rich supply of ferrulic acid and tocotrienols was shown to be the item of choice. Amy was in a coma after the surgery. She was given a concoction of rice bran solubles rice protein, colostrum and FOS (fructooligosaccharides) in her G.I. feeding tube four times daily. Within forty-eight hours of this dramatic surgery, Amy opened her eyes, began moving her fingers, then gradually her arms and within a week was able to eat normally. Her recovery from that point was dramatic. Needless to say her doctors were flabbergasted.

Today, Amy is back to work as a lab technician and completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.

As a father, having successfully helped a beloved child return from death to share her great heart and smile with all, and a clinical nutritionist, I am dedicated to formulating products of vision and necessity. Out of this journey Supreme Tocotriene Complex was born.

Amy’s aneurysm is gone and she has returned to a healthy life

This is the journey that led to the health of my daughter and the development of Higher Ground Health Products. I share this story in hope that it may inspire you to look beyond, into the realm of vast nutritional agents that might help your child, family or friends as they reach for a healthy, productive life.

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