Perillyl Power

A Unique Cellular Purification and Protection Nutrient

Perillyl Power assists the proper function of your cells by enhancing cellular purification and differentiation.

Your cells DNA perform the guidance functions necessary to keep your body healthy throughout your life. Everyone’s cells are vulnerable to miscommunication or other mistakes. Genetic or environmental factors cause these mistakes to occur more often. In this day and age, humans need extra nutritional support to encourage the body’s natural immune and detoxification systems to cleanse and protect their cells. Perillyl Power was produced with this in mind. It helps promote deep cell purification and encourages healthy DNA function.

A number of experiments with Perillyl alcohol have been conducted in recent years, mainly in the United States. Spurred by encouraging test results, the National Cancer Institute of America (NCI) as well as the research departments of Yale University, University of Wisconsin, University of California and University of Indiana, have embarked on research on Perillyl alcohol. Perillyl alcohol appears to shut down the growth of mutagenic cells by depriving them of the proteins they need to grow. Preliminary research is showing that this unique plant derivative can prevent and treat many of today’s worst health problems.

Form: 60 gel caps.

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