The products that we share with you represent a backdrop of clinical objectivity and integrity that validates a passionate vision. We recognize that in the recent “extreme” marketplace of natural health products, herbs and nutritional supplements, the idea of good health has most often become diluted.

Skip Shoden, ND, C.C.N. was taught by his grandfather and father that honest representation of what you choose as the correct tools to better life, is ones greatest asset—not hype or pretense. With that principle instilled in him and with the knowledge of 24 years as a practicing clinician, Higher Ground Health Products has evolved.

The theme of our product line is just that—using only the purest clinically tested materials that substantiate the needs of the individual’s quest to be well and to nourish and support the evolution of the body’s biochemistry to that goal. Notice the uniqueness of our initial formulae.

Higher Ground Health Products were formulated incorporating the most current laboratory research available. The primary focus of our products is as follows:

  • Stabilizing hormones and blood sugar balance thereby improving ones response to stress.
  • Protection of the immune, nervous and endocrine systems at a cellular level against major endotoxins and environmental pollution.
  • Enhancing intracellular energy production and detoxification which allows proper differentiation and replication of cells.
  • Proper and efficient intestinal biochemistry supporting immune competence and a healthy functioning colon.

Products in development include focused “tissue specific” antioxidants and immune complexes that assist and protect the best of our genetic potential. Unique whole food complexes that yield recognizable nutritional co-factors that enhance cellular communication.

As Higher Ground Health Products grows, know that we are dedicated to the continued spirit and clinical integrity by which we were founded. Look forward to sophisticated formulae that truly give the human body its best chance to survive and age graciously as nature intended—on Higher Ground.

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